Providing massage therapy and yoga at work offers an array of holistic benefits to employees and helps to make personal wellness more accessible for individuals with busy schedules. Angela offers table massage (space permitting), chair massage and yoga classes to companies around the Bay Area. Over the course of her career in wellness, she has been privileged to work in many successful corporate wellness programs. Some of the company's she has worked with include: Zynga, Google, Intuit, ItsOn and Twitch.

If you are interested in bringing wellness to your workplace, please inquire about availability and rates. Angela would love to help your company set-up a wellness program or enhance your existing wellness program with the addition of massage therapy and or yoga. Availability can be made on a permanent basis (weekly, monthly, quarterly) or by one-time appointments. 


Wellness at work

     - Reward employees with something healthy that will benefit both the employee and the company.


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